The better way to check-in your guests

Integrated digital kiosks for the hotel industry



Enjoy a faster, easier check-in

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    1 minute self check-in with passport scanning & credit card facilities

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    Book parking, concierge, porter services or sightseeing tours

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    Avoid the queues & check-in straight away anytime day or night


Deliver better service with lower personnel costs

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    Reduce queues & waiting time for guests

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    Deploy staff where they add the most value

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    Ensure a consistently good experience for guests

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    Upsell guests with additional services, promotions and specials

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    Integrates with your current hotel management systems & associated apps

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    DIY kiosk management functions through a management portal

One point of contact across your business, 24/7

Our flexible kiosk terminals serve as a convenient one point of contact for all your guest communication functions


Receive a return on investment in under 6 months

A typical hotel can expect a return on their investment within 5 months. Ask us how!


Join the GuestGuide Pilot Partner Program

Suitable hotels are invited to apply to take part in the GuestGuide Pilot Partner program, for a limited time.

Contact us on (02) 9199 9666 or to discuss whether your hotel is a suitable candidate for this opportunity.

  • Locked in discounted pricing for the GuestGuide platform guaranteed for 3 years
  • Provide direct input to help steer the platform to meet your hotel’s needs
  • 2 x VIP tickets to the GuestGuide launch event & thank you $100 Visa gift card
  • Selected hotels in the trial will be chosen to beta test the GuestGuide platform
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About GuestGuide

GuestGuide is a Sydney based team working to create the best possible customer experience platform, tailored for the needs of the Australian hotel market.

With over 10 years experience building innovative kiosks & platforms, we have both the technology and passion to help the hotel industry embrace the benefits of the evolving digital age.

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